Windshield Wiper Safety

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Published: 17th November 2010
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Rainy weather can create tough driving conditions. In addition to making the roads more slippery and the introduction of the danger of aquaplaning, the rain decreases visibility, sometimes sharply.

Since visibility is an important element of driving, you must make sure your wipers are in good condition before you decide to hit the road on a rainy day.

Wipers along with your headlights are your carís response to the low visibility in the rain. They work on making your windshield free of the rainfall so you can have a constant clear vision of the road.

Wipers can usually be set to operate at different speeds depending on the severity of the rain. Wipers, like any other component in your car, tends to wear out over time, so it is important to keep an eye on the wipers deterioration. Wipers price range from cheap to very expensive, you can usually expect low quality when you go for the cheap ones.

Whatever the quality of your wiper bladeís are, there are several ways to prolong the life of the wipers. Some simple tips to keep the windshield wipers in a good condition are:

* Clean your wipers

* Wash your windshield

* Avoid harsh chemicals

By following these tips you can extend the life of your wipers by months. Even if you donít really want to prolong the life of your wipers, itís a good idea to keep your windshield wipers and the windscreen free of dirt to make sure your wipers work on their maximum performance and therefore keeping you safe from unwanted disasters.

When your wipers wear out, you should change them whenever you can. You can usually tell when the wipers wear out, they will start to leave marks on the windshield and affect your vision.

When you buy new windshield wipers, you have several things to consider, including the size of blade you need.

Purchasing the blades with the right size is important for security against the rain. When your wipers are too small, they canít clean a large enough space so you can see the road safely. If your wings are too large, they can not really work, which is also harmful.

Most auto parts stores will have reference books where you can check the blade size you need. If the store doesnít have such a book, read the manual of your car.

Remember, bad wipers can lead to car accidents, which can obviously lead to serious injury.

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